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March 23, 2006 - 11:18 AM


Well I have gotten sucked up into the world of myspace and frankly it's a bit better than this. Well that is my opinion, so I will only be here from time to time to update. I don't even know if I have readers here any longer. LOL.

Big news first! I'M PREGNANT! 18 weeks today actually! Woohoo. LoL, so I only really had to try for about four months or so. I found out I was pregnant December 5. That was also the day I cut 12 inches off my hair! Oh, and did I mention I wasn't due for my cycle for about 2 days after that! And we are not finding out what we are having!

Kids are doing well. Karissa turned two March 11th. They are mischevious as ever, but at least they are healthy.

Eddie was in the hospital again for his Crohn's. Talk about frustrating. Now he is on a second medicine that will hopefully contain the inflamation better. I really don't want to do the ER thing often!

Oh oh, and I got a minivan! YiPpEe. Going to need that to trudge around with my three rugrats!

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same ol same ol!

Until next time!! Ciao!

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